Stepping Out

Many times, we are forced to believe that our comfort zone is the best place to be since it allows us a sense of complacency. We feel comfortable with what makes us feel at ease, with what we excel at and have mastered. Sometimes we feel comfort in our day-to-day jobs/roles/activities that make everything all simple and working. There is comfort in that familiarity and that safeness that proves to be our place of solace. But, life has so much more to offer. Life is about sometimes pushing yourself over the edge, pushing beyond limits, living outside your comfort zone and thinking outside the box. Life is about shifting thinking, changing opinions and fostering hope. Life is about building the best version of yourself, for you.

Recently, I was challenged to push myself outside the box, I was challenged to shift thinking and feel uncomfortable. I say challenged because for years I ‘sat’ on my writing. I had so much to say, but it just sat there. Yes, I shared on my blog and through my greeting card poems and quotes on social media, but the stories I shared in our book were somewhat different. These stories were out for the world to see, stories I held deep within my heart. Stories that channeled feelings for not just myself, but for those close to me and others who would read. Little did I know this was what life would become in literally the blink of an eye. I had no idea, I wasn’t ready…were a few of my thoughts. But know this God’s timing is not your timing. When God is ready, you have to move. There is no negotiating, there is no waiting- “when it’s time, it’s time.”

I was challenged to awaken a different side of me as I shared some of my most personal stories. Today, I not only share my writing, but I am speaking out to encourage and bring hope to those who need it most. I can’t lie, I was very fearful and doubtful.  But God put all that fear and doubt aside and told me it was time. It was time to share with the world, to possibly inspire at least one person, to encourage others to know it’s never too late. Hearing someone say, “I am going to do this because you did it” or “because you said this,” is heartwarming. I get joy from sharing what I do to inspire and encourage. Everyone has a job, but most of the times there is a passion that is hidden deep within. when this passion is explored, it brings great happiness and satisfaction. Why not explore this? 

I get it, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But whether you have to be forced, challenged or just jump right in, it’s worth it. Your happiness depends on it. I believe that everyone is born with a unique talent waiting to bud, some are already budding, some are still waiting. Whether you are waiting or budding, the world is yours. It is important to understand that how you take on your world is ultimately dependent on you and your willingness to “step out” and challenge yourself. All that being said timing is of the essence. Nothing happens before the time. When your time comes, embrace it with all you got!

Live your dreams,


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