5 Reasons Why It Took Me So Long to Start My Blog

  1. Fear– I feared starting and failing. I feared what people would say. Me- super mom of a teenage daughter and twin boys, wife to a husband with one of the toughest jobs known and teacher to third graders!  I must admit, my first blog entry has been ready for almost a year, just sitting in my google drive. FYI, this is not the entry I had intended to use, but I believed that I needed to share this story. If you want to take a leap of faith…just do it!
  2. Time– I felt like I was always busy and always putting my blog goals off. But in reality I am indeed very busy with my family and working. I have come to understand that the importance of balancing responsibilities and time is pivotal in my journey. I believe I am in a better place with balancing life as it comes. The journey continues.
  3. Over-researching– I became the researching guru of blogging. Everytime I told myself I was ready to begin my blog, I found some information that ‘needed more research.’ This trend became habitual and contributed to numerous delays in the process. I guess I was trying to find another excuse!
  4. Too many questions– Would it affect my name as a future published writer? Would I be still taken seriously? Then after researching many well published bloggers my questions changed to -Am I blog material? How do I maintain the integrity of my blog? How will I attract my target audience?
  5. Finding a specific niche- I have so many things I want to write about, so many things to say. This made it very difficult for me to identify my niche at first. I decided to ‘keep it real.’ My intentions are to share my experiences as a mom, wife and teacher with you. Enjoy the ride.

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